Every event, or experience, that we have elicits a cognitive interpretation, or judgment; Of the situation, of others, of what we like or do not like. We do this all the time. It is human nature. Once these thoughts occur, our tendency is to automatically believe them to be true. As a result, we have a corresponding emotional response to what we believe has be true (this thought told me so!), which then leads to a behavioral response.

This human tendency can get us in trouble in the competitive environment. Our interpretations of a more advanced opponent, worry about what others might think, or anxiety over what could go wrong (to name a few) are all interpretations that channel our thought energy in the wrong direction. We automatically limit ourselves before the competition even starts!


My Mental Performance Coaching addresses this human tendency by utilizing a four-step, evidence-based approach to directing thought energy in a way that works for you, not against. Together, we will work to:

  1. Externalize your thoughts. Your thoughts are not you. They are just thoughts. If you do not jump on that thought train or remember to jump off as soon as you recognize where you are, you will leave the thought powerless.
  2. Develop compassionate, mindful awareness. Since these thoughts (energy) naturally, and constantly, present themselves, the sooner you learn to become aware of them (without judgment), the sooner you will be able create choices for how you wish to respond.
  3. Choose to direct your thought energy powerfully by calling up your core strengths and trusting yourself to compete with heart.
  4. Think like a champion.

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