My evidence-based counseling and psychotherapy services for adolescents and emergent adults operate from a strengths-based developmental framework designed to inspire personal development, self-understanding, and holistic well-being.

In an open, caring, authentic, and supportive environment I will help guide you past what is troubling you while challenging and supporting you to realize your own self-worth and unique individuality. My goal is to listen deeply to your authentic self (that little voice inside you), without judgment, so that you feel heard, seen, validated, and accepted. It is from this place that we will do our best work together.

In addition to utilizing cognitive-behavioral (CBT), and solutions-focused approaches, my unique approach to therapy includes positive psychology, mindfulness-acceptance, and holistic life coaching strategies designed to help you create your own answers, access your own intuition, and thrive.

Areas of specialization include:

Anxiety, Depression, and Self-Doubt

School Related Issues (peers, bullying, motivation, academic success)

Family concerns


Life Transitions

Student-Athlete Mental Health & Well-Being


Personal Development & Self-Empowerment

Self-Determined Motivation (academic, athletic, personal)

I am currently a pre-licensed professional counselor in PA under the supervision of Valerie Huff, LCSW (#CWO14821), as well as a well-known local group psychotherapy practice. For the past seven years I ran a successful private practice in New York state.

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