Ed.D Counseling and Human Development University of Rochester, NY

MS Counseling and Human Relations, Villanova University, PA

BA Psychology, University of Richmond, VA

Conestoga High School

Licensure and Certifications

Certified Mental Performance Consultant (CMPC), Association for Applied Sport Psychology

Clinical and Sport Hypnosis, National Board for Certified Hypnotherapists

Board Certified Life Coach, International Coaching Federation

Level IV Swimming Coach, American Swimming Coaches Association

NCAA Appointments

Director, Mental Performance & Well-Being, State Univ. of New York, Geneseo (2015-2020)

Head Men’s & Women’s Swimming Coach, Division I, III (1999-2014)

Secondary and Higher Education Academic Appointments

Graduate School Director, Academy for Academic Excellence and Student Success

Adjunct Graduate and Undergraduate Instructor; Counselor Education, Sport Psychology, Positive Psychology, Psychology of Change, Stress Management.

PA Secondary School Counselor (1988-1998)

Professional Training

IMG Academy Sport Psychology Department

Milton Erickson Institute of Philadelphia

Dr. Peter Thompson is an Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP) certified mental performance consultant (CMPC), experienced counselor, educator, author, adjunct sport psychology and positive psychology instructor, and former club and collegiate head coach- Winning 23 combined team championships in 30 years & coaching numerous All-Americans and national caliber swimmers, including 3 future Olympians.

Dr. Thompson has served college athletic departments, club teams, high schools, and individual student-athletes (novice, national, world ranked, Olympians, professional) with mental performance and mental health consultations for over 25 years. His approach is informed by a strengths-based developmental framework that inspires personal empowerment, well-being, and performance excellence.

For the past five years Dr. Thompson served as the Director of Mental Performance and Well-Being for 17 teams within the athletic department at SUNY Geneseo, providing individual and team related programming consistent with NCAA guidelines for student-athlete well-being and performance excellence. He has presented for athletic departments, clubs, organizations, fortune 500 companies, public and private schools, and individuals throughout the Middle-Atlantic Region, and in the Mid-West for USA Swimming LSC’s.

Performance, Mental Health, and Holistic Life Coaching

Dr. Pete has taken his experience and accumulated wisdom as an elite level swimming coach, certified mental performance consultant, board certified life coach, educator, learning specialist, and doctoral level counselor, and developed a mental health, performance, and holistic life coaching intervention strategy that successfully addresses wholehearted engagement with one’s ever-expanding performance potential, while simultaneously focusing on the optimization of their self-worth. Pete believes that one cannot have the former without focusing on the latter.

Forthcoming Books

The Well-Being of the Warrior Athlete: Navigating the Journey from Self-Worth to High Performance.
Conquering the Classroom: How to Realize Your Innate Learning Potential and Take Charge of Your Academic Success; A Guide for Student-Athletes Everywhere

Comprehensive Curriculum for Student Athlete Well-Being

The Well-Being of the Warrior Athlete – Part I, II
GRIT, Confidence, and Mastery Mindset’s
Neuroplasticity, Well-Being, and High Performance – Part I, II

Comprehensive Curriculum for Performance Excellence
The Art of Mental Training
The Four C’s of Success: Full Engagement in the Athletic Arena – Part I, II
Embrace the Power of Your Mind: Imagery, Hypnosis, and Manifesting Intention

Workshops and Groups

Applying the Science of Learning in the Pursuit of Academic and Athletic Success
A Coaches Guide to Mental Training

On a Personal Note

I believe that life challenges can bring us wisdom.

I believe I have a lot of wisdom!

I believe in human potential.

I believe that unlocking our potential is an ongoing life journey. Potential expands.

I believe that life’s obstacles are an essential component to helping us maximize this potential.

I believe in courage.

I believe that courageous engagement with obstacles gives us confidence.

I believe that practicing self-compassion is perhaps the most courageous thing we can do.

I believe that the mind and body are one.

I believe in a force greater than me and I am a small part of this life force. So are you.

I believe that when our bodies die, our spirit continues.

I believe that we’re not alone in the Universe.

I believe in the inherent worth of all people…and all beings.

I believe we are all works in progress.

“Inevitably we fail, and we fail over and over again. Through those repeated efforts, however, we forge a path in life, a path that leads to profound acceptance of the human condition…If we can experience the joys, tribulations, and pain of life without being carried away by them and without suppressing them, then we are free”

Ken McLeod

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