Our Mental Training and Performance services are designed to assist Olympic, elite, national, and developing athletes in maximizing their personal, inter-personal, and athletic potential. Together, we will create a personalized roadmap for success through dynamic and unique experiential exercises. Having taught Sport Psychology at two different colleges, and having worked with several World-Class athletes, including two future Olympians, I am confident that in learning our Core Curriculum you too will achieve a World-Class performance, and experience your “Olympic Moment.” Typically, self-doubt and self-criticism are an athletes two worst enemies. Ironically, these roadblocks are self-imposed! My performance strategies take you away from these “gremlins” and help you focus on your unique strengths, remember your past successes (Mastery experiences), and then assist you in creating your future in advance.

  • Eliminate Fear and Self-Doubt
  • Effectively Manage Your Thoughts
  • Maximize Your Concentration Skills
  • Get in the Zone, and Stay There!
  • Enhance Your Self-Esteem and Confidence
  • Recover From Injury More Quickly
  • Re-Capture Your Sense of Joy, Passion, and Fun!
  • Go Beyond Your Perceived Limitations

“I have learned how to develop positive energy and use that energy to achieve my potential. You’ve really helped me put all aspects of my life in perspective.” -Susan Edwards, Dartmouth College


When World-Class and professional athletes perform at their peak, they are able to utilize specific strategies that enable effortless success to come naturally. Learn the following techniques, and discover your World-Class potential!

  • Acting As If
  • Creative Visualization
  • Broaden-and-Build
  • Positive Re-Framing
  • Anchoring
  • Flow State Development


In bypassing your conscious awareness and going directly to your unconscious understanding, you will learn to overcome obstacles and create your success in advance. The following techniques can be successfully utilized to take your mental training to the next level! Hypnosis is not a treatment in its own right. It can be utilized to simply enhance one’s experience. The decision to use hypnosis to support your mental training is yours to make. Common trance like characteristics include feeling relaxed, experiencing higher levels of concentration and creativity (so you can really see the possibilities!), and the opportunity to accept (if desired) powerful suggestions.

  • Learn Sport Specific Technique More Readily
  • Overcome Negative Beliefs
  • Develop Strength, and Recover From Injury More Quickly
  • Focus More Intently on the Task at Hand
  • Increase Confidence and Gain Inner Strength
  • Succeed in Advance
  • Discover How to Heal Yourself!


This one day workshop is designed to support teams in fostering a sense of inter-dependence and togetherness. We will challenge and support each team member to;

  • Create a Culture For Success
  • Set and Achieve Team Goals
  • Think and Behave Like Champions
  • Take Ownership of Your Program’s Direction
  • Build Upon Their Commitment to Excellence

“Peter Thompson’s talk to our team was outstanding. He spoke our team’s language and his presentation was very well received by all team members and coaches. I look forward to bringing Peter back again this year.”
-George Kennedy, Head Swimming Coach at Johns Hopkins University, Five Time NCAA Coach of the Year and Fortune Magazines Top 50 Leaders of 2013


Our curriculum will specifically focus on accessing the Four C’s of Success

  • Character – Strengths-Based character qualities will be examined and celebrated. We will then focus on strategies for applying these strengths to your sport.
  • Courage- You cannot display courage without the presence of fear. We will learn how to work with fear (including fear of success) so it becomes your ally.
  • Commitment- “In commitment, we close the door” – Zen Proverb; Fully commit to what you want by closing the door on excuses, and moving forward powerfully.
  • Concentration- Create circumstances for high challenge + high ability performance opportunities, and find your optimum state of flow!

Individual and group sessions are offered in person, or via the telephone and Skype.

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