My philosophical approach to Holistic Life Coaching centers around the belief that meaningful and lasting change occurs only when we deeply engage with the entirety of our being.

My Holistic Life Coaching for teens and young adults and adults in transition is designed to support you in the ongoing process of gaining more clarity, realizing your self-worth, empowering yourself, successfully managing change, advancing confidence, and transforming your personal development so that the human life you want to be living is the human one you are living. See Coaching vs. Counseling.

Whether you are a high school student feeling frustrated, stuck or unmotivated, a college student in search of direction or struggling to understand and utilize the gifts of your ADHD brain wiring, or an adult whose intuitive spirit is calling for change, My Life Coaching applies mindful, experiential, future-focused solutions designed to enable the unfolding of new possibilities by building a powerful belief system around your ever expanding potential. See My 9-Step Coach-Approach.

What are you not experiencing in your life right now that you want to be experiencing?

What are you experiencing in your life right now that you don’t want to be experiencing?







Our mind is separate from yet manifests inside of our brain (see neuroplasticity). Since our mind and brain are part of our body, there exists a ceaseless and ongoing synergistic flow with all that we think, feel, and do. Regardless of our circumstance, deep change occurs only when we change our relationship to these thoughts, feelings, and environmental experiences and seek our own answers. Imperfectly. Without attachment to outcomes.


Potential is not static. Potential is an unfolding. You make it happen.

It follows that when we strategically integrate our mind-body & body-mind awareness, we foster deeper meaning by embedding new awareness, finding more clarity, removing unhelpful blocks, and recognizing our vast potential as an ongoing relationship with our highest self.

My Holistic Life Coaching supports this process by helping you to experientially connect to the action-awareness dynamic so that you can live more mindfully, compassionately, and intentionally. It applies proven, sequential strategies to successfully address the challenges that feel most important to you. Common examples include:

Well-Being Development

Intentionality & Engagement

Manifesting Resilience

Personal Empowerment

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

Managing Emotional Health & Well-Being

Manifesting Meaningful Change

Discovering Your Authentic Voice


Challenging & Supporting You

Mindfully Exploring New Perspectives

Addressing Obstacles

Exploring Courageous Intention

Encouraging Self-Compassion

Applying Self-Determined Motivation

Discovering and Applying Gifts & Strengths

Unlocking Your Intuitive Solutions

Awakening Your Authenticity

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