It is my belief that the most significant benefit from the field of applied sport psychology is that it enables its students and practitioners to address personal growth and development through the lens of sport. In this sense, athletics is the tool that we use in supporting a life well lived. Our performance, therefore, is maximized when we discover ways to develop ourselves beyond our current understanding and awareness. My courses for athletes, and for coaches, are designed with this in mind.

Curriculum for Student-Athlete Well-Being

The Well-Being of the Warrior Athlete- Part I, II
GRIT, Courage, and Mastery Mindset
Neuroplasticity, Well-Being, and High Performance- Part I,II

Curriculum for Performance Excellence

The Art of Mental Training
Wholehearted Engagement and Trust = Part I, II, III
Embrace the Power of Your Mind

Curriculum for Academic Excellence

Using the Science of Learning for Classroom Success
Coaches Guide to Mental Training

Theoretical Frameworks:

Self-Determination Theory (Ed Deci and Richard Ryan)

Achievement Goal Theory (Andrew Elliot and Carol Dweck)

Cognitive-Behavioral Theory (Aaron Beck)

Flow Theory (Mihalyi Csikszentmihalyi)

Self-Efficacy Theory (Albert Bandura)

Well-Being Theory (Martin Seligman)

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (Jon Kabat-Zin)

Development and Change (Robert Kegan)

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