Welcome to my practice! My services for teens, young adults, competitive athletes, and those seeking positive change is informed by a strengths-based developmental framework that inspires personal empowerment, self-determined motivation, and performance excellence.

My approach integrates solutions-focused and evidence-based positive and sport psychology concepts, mindful awareness, and the science of learning into an individualized personal development plan designed to challenge and support you to unlock your potential, realize your own self-worth, and flourish. Athletically. Academically. In school. In your life.

Holistic Life Coaching

My holistic life coaching views successful growth and change through a whole person (physical, emotional, cognitive, behavioral, and spiritual) perspective. It centers around the belief that the answers for your life are already inside of you. Our sessions together are designed to access these intuitive, future-focused solutions (waiting to be discovered), surface your unfolding potential, increase your motivation, confidence, and self-esteem, and take meaningful action.

Mental Performance Coaching

My mental performance services are designed to assist Olympic, professional, elite, national, and developing athletes to maximize their sports performance potential by manifesting a powerful mindset, master the competitive environment, and thrive.

Student-Athlete Well-Being

The uniqueness of a student-athletes mindset requires an equally unique approach to supporting their emotional well-being. My approach combines a mental health, performance, and holistic life coaching strategy that successfully addresses wholehearted engagement with ones ever-expanding potentiality, while simultaneously focusing on the optimization of their self-worth. It is my belief that you cannot have the former without addressing the latter.

Mental Health Counseling

My evidence-based counseling and psychotherapy services for adolescents and young adults operate from a strengths-based developmental framework designed to inspire personal development, self-understanding, and holistic well-being.  

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