Life Coaching focuses on accessing intuition, identifying, and utilizing gifts and strengths, building solutions, and finding clarity in support of creating a new path forward. We all experience self-doubt, anxiety, living with uncertainty, and the challenges of change. Rather than focusing on what might be wrong (with us, our lives, others), life coaching is solutions focused, collaborative, forward thinking, intuitive, mindful, accepting, and utilitarian. Therefore, the focus is on accessing your vision, applying what is already working, identifying what is getting in the way, focusing on future solutions, accessing intuition, and taking action.

When we then assume a Holistic, or whole person, approach to life coaching we incorporate the above description with all of the factors that combine to make our human life. These include our physical, cognitive, emotional, and spiritual selves.

My Holistic Life Coaching for adults provides you with a caring, supportive environment with which to explore and experience the change that you would like to manifest in your life. Having developed and taught the course, The Psychology of Change, and experienced numerous life-altering circumstances in my own life, you can rely on my 25 years of counseling, and coaching experience to help you to realize your own self-worth, and flourish.

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