The first step in establishing a meaningful relationship is to connect deeply. I will endeavor to fully meet and accept you where you are in your life, without judgment. As a friend might. We then explore your current life or athletic circumstances, including what brings you joy, what holds you back, and any visions for what you want for your life.


It is my belief that the answers for your life are already inside of you. My role as your Coach is to assist you in recognizing and developing your vision for what you (really) want your life to be. This will be an excellent opportunity for you to use your imagination and creative instincts in envisioning possibilities. Since this is an important step in the coaching process we will be sure to explore this deeply. You can be assured that I will support your process fully.

Understand Presenting Challenges

Our work together now explores the presenting or potential roadblocks that could hinder the development of your vision. Some of these roadblocks will be out of your control, others will be fully within your control. We will explore both, and consider proven strategies that you can employ in support of your desire for self-realization.

Identify and Overcome

Once we identify potential roadblocks, we explore and examine each one individually. Our intention in this step is to place each perceived obstacle in its proper perspective. The simple act of looking directly at the very things that hold us back automatically reduces their power. This one action empowers us to remember that we’re the one in charge. Not the thought, the feeling, or the obstacle.

Identify and Apply Strengths & Talents

In this stage of the coaching process we take a major leap forward by exploring and discovering your unique gifts and strengths, including ones you may currently be unaware of. Our next step together is to celebrate these strengths by applying them in new ways. This one act is virtually guaranteed to raise your feelings of well-being, and help build self-esteem and confidence.

Build Self-Esteem and Confidence

In this phase of our coaching relationship we work from the old adage, ‘confidence is a habit, not an attitude.’ Confidence emerges through action, and in order for us to take action we must trust ourselves. It is easy to take action when the outcome is a known entity. It requires trust and courage when we venture into the unknown. Manifesting this courage comes from trusting ourselves. The better we feel about ourselves (self-Esteem) the more likely we are to trust, and to take action.  Therefore, this coach-approach is built on mental, emotional, and physical action.

Create Possibilities

As we progress through the coach-approach process you will begin to notice new possibilities for your life. Your creative imagination will begin to emanate, and your intuition soars. My role in this step is to collaborate with your imagination (possibilities) and help you call forward your desire to learn, grow, and move forward with intention.

Manifest Intention & Commitment

At this stage of your development you are more ready than ever to unlock your potential. It is time to trust yourself to set meaningful intentions and make preparations for rising to the challenge, managing the obstacles, and accepting full responsibility for your life.

Support and Challenge Achievement

You’re now on your way! Based on your perceived needs for challenge and support, together we develop a strategy for ensuring action, supporting the inevitable roadblocks, and moving forward powerfully.

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