We all experience anxiety, depression, self-doubt, grief, uncertainty, performance blocks, and challenging life circumstances. These are all part of the human condition. When we run from, or ignore, these inevitabilities, we only serve to make them bigger. The most courageous thing any of us can do in these moments is to seek support. Let’s take a brief look at several different approaches to help seeking opportunities.

Coaching focuses on future focused solutions to presenting obstacles. It is about accessing intuition, identifying obstacles, building a powerful belief system, summoning courage, and co-creating a new path forward. In short, coaching is strengths-based and forward looking. Coaches can specialize in a variety of ways.

Life Coach, Wellness Coach, Relationship Coach, Divorce Coach, and Executive Coach. They can also specialize within certain age groups or walks of life. For example, I specialize in holistic life coaching for adolescents (high school), young adults (college), and postgraduates. I also work with competitive athletes.

Counseling utilizes a wide range of treatment approaches designed to address a wide range of life challenges. For example; anxiety, depression, grief, trauma, relationship struggles, family issues, low feelings of self-worth, debilitating thoughts, or a felt sense of powerlessness.

Within the counseling relationship a safe space is provided with which to guide and support you to openly explore and address your unique life circumstances, learn more deeply about yourself, practice positive self-care, and enable your strengths to manifest.

“When we explore the deep secrets of our own mind, we are exploring the deep secrets of all minds. That which is most private and personal is universally true.”


Whatever your unique counseling or coaching needs may be, I stand at the ready to help guide, support, and motivate you through whatever challenges you may be currently experiencing.

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